Importance of Mobile Responsive Websites

As life continues to change and modernize so does our way of communication; this has a great effect on the way business leaders should be handling their marketing. Sadly those who are unaware of the effect of this change could be loosing more than half their business to this simple change that can be made within the marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn about what it means to have a mobile responsive site as well as why you NEED it to be mobile friendly.

So What Does it Mean to Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

Having a mobile responsive website is simply put having a website that is user friendly for phone users. Here are the top features to look out for to make sure your website is mobile friendly:

  1. Screen layout: If you have ever gone on another companies website using a mobile devise only to find that their homepage does not fit the diameters of your phone then you know the struggle it is to navigate on their pages. Whether you are having to zoom in to read their writing or zoom out to click on other buttons it can leave a very bad impression on the quality of your website to a buyer and discourage them from using it.
  2. Large buttons: Unlike using a mouse on a computer and being able to precisely click on the option that is desired using a touch screen can be a little different. Due to the smaller screen, buttons that are displayed on a mobile screen will get shrunk leaving customers with a poor experience as it can be a huge pain to navigate. This is because rather then hovering a mouse customers will have to attempt to use their finger to click on a interactive option. If the buttons on your site are to small and close together this can make it difficult to operate leaving many customers skip critical pages such as a products or a  contact page to earn your business.
  3.  Pictures and Design: Because the proportions are smaller on a phone than a desktop the diameters of pictures and designs will have to be shrunk. It is important to ensure that the resolution of these designs are not poorly effected as sometimes the design may have to be edited or even removed if it is not compatible with the size distortion of a mobile devise.

Why is a Mobile Responsive Website Important?

It is under popular believe that you have at most 7 second to make a first impression, this is true not only in meeting a person for the first time, but visiting a company website for the first time as well. According to Statista “In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones” (Feel free to read the rest of the article here) with more than half of all web traffic going to a company website through a mobile devise it is critical to ensure that your website is in a mobile friendly format. If it is not, it only takes seconds for a possible buyer to become discouraged from the poor format and leave your site. This means that you can be losing up to 52% of all your customers on your business simply due to a incorrect mobile layout.

In this day of age it appears that everyone is on their phones, as times change and smart phones are becoming more and more widely used it is important as an entrepreneur to look at how this new way of communication can either help or hurt your company. If you are interested in learning how to get your website mobile responsive feel free to check out our Services where we explain how we can give you a professional mobile responsive and user friendly website for a affordable price. By creating a new website optimized for todays way of life you are ensuring that you are leaving the best possible impression on your customers that are visiting your page. By leaving a good impression you are able to maximize the effectiveness of your website in earning your customers business which will allow you to continue to grow and develop your company as a whole. 

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