Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute ranks among the world leaders of free high-quality Christian Leaders training. They offer over 180 hours of college-level credit. Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled almost 200,000 students since their beginning in 2006.

Christian Leaders Institute has used the Message First Group marketing approach for several years now. The team at Message First worked with Christian Leaders Institute in refining their approach.

Christian Leaders Institute gathers stories, news, and testimonies from students and graduates. This news is keyworded in connection with their message and brand.  This allows Christian Leaders Institute to cultivate ample leads for new students through organic Search Engine Optimation. Both Google and Bing recognize this type of optimization as serving the community.

Most businesses do local targeting using the Internet. This often requires massive advertising budgets. The Message First approach promotes your brand through stories, news, and testimony. This, in turn, brings your community a rich and deep perspective on your products and services. Search engines recognize this so much because a local business is ultimately about people and their stories.

In other words, when problems are solved, people talk about it. They tell others how they live out the culture of an organization’s product or service. And that powerful testimony gets you recognized.

Christian Leaders Institute still uses paid advertising, but the foundation of their promotion is real dialogues of real people. People whose specific problems are served by the service they bring to the world.

If you need help in making your story known to your local community or to your target group, Message First Group will help you get a WordPress conversation site and will teach you how to effectively tell your story. This process does not have to bust your budget. Nor does it need to replace your current website. Christian Leaders Institute, for instance, has several websites that begin conversations to lead people back to their core products. Check out their Ignite Restoration site that deepens the conversations about restorative justice for former offenders.

This is an example of where a specific target group is reached with a deepening conversation. Christian Leaders Institute has a program that will connect to that target group. This dialogue site is perfectly positioned to share stories, news, and services to those in this situation of life. A site like this is efficient to operate and does not interfere with the regular Christian Leaders Institute website.






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