Message First Websites Sites

Message First Group will help create effective Message First Websites Sites for local or global purposes.

Are you our best audience?

  • We will empower you or your organization with a working WordPress site which values Content Marketing as your prime approach to promoting your brand or service.
  • We will also empower you or your business with an offshore dialogue site that will drive traffic to your main website.  Some organizations will have their home website with traditional website firms. Message First Group will not disrupt that arrangement in any way. Other organizations will use the Message FIrst Site as their main site and their dialogue site.
  • We will empower you to build a message first home website and help you build an offshore content hub website. Organizations like Christian Leaders Institute, who Message First Group works with, have message first websites sites on their home website and on offshore dialogue websites.

Message First Group will teach you how to tell your culturally branded story. Check out Content Hub Websites

Retail or Group Service Providers

A great opportunity exists for service providers who work in retail locations under a corporate brand. A hearing or vision specialist doctor, for instance, may practice in a branded store location. He is responsible to serve customers who shop in that retail location. He is not allowed to make a website that uses the logo of the corporate location.

Yet he is also responsible for getting traffic to the hearing aid testing store. His income and the store’s income raises if more customer come to him. What does he do?  Message First Group can help him do a dialogue site. This dialogue or content site will tell stories and share content that will be relevant to a community audience that needs to find him.  This dialogue site will have a prominent link to the place when this doctor practices. This does not usually create a problem with the corporate store’s identity. It helps everyone concerned.

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