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Message First Group serves for-profit and non-profit organizations that are passionate about their impact. Message First Group helps organizations distill their vision into products and services that solve real-life problems. After problems are solved, stories are created in the lives of people.

Here are some of the companies Message First Group has helped to reach the people groups that resonate with the organization’s message.

Latest News

Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute ranks among the world leaders of free high-quality Christian Leaders training. They offer over 180 hours of college-level credit. Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled almost 200,000 students since their beginning in 2006. Christian Leaders Institute has used the Message First Group marketing approach for several years now. The team at Message First […]

Starting a Movement

Starting a Movement the Steve Jobs Way

If you want to be successful, there’s no better way than learning from others who were successful. And when it comes to successful people in recent years, Steve Jobs ranks pretty far up there. I mean, how many others in his generation took a friendship with a computer nerd and an idea and proceeded to […]