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Content Strategy Part 2 – Content Delivery

Content Delivery Planning Overview Imagine you’re given the task of promoting your product to a random person. Just someone who happens to be passing by on the street. You don’t know him. Nor do you know anything about him. Maybe he knows of your products. Maybe he doesn’t. Perhaps he’s not interested in what you’re selling. […]

3 Ways SEO Connects to Your Audience

Let’s face it. SEO has received some bad press over the years. Various companies tried all kinds of “magic” SEO methods to fast-track clients to the front page of  Google. But in the end, Google wasn’t buying it. Sites that employed these methods torpedoed once Google updated algorithms. And the owners of those sites were […]

The Secret Ingredient for Great Content Marketing

Everyone wants to know the secret ingredient. Nothing would be easier in marketing than that magical element that just makes everything come together. That one ingredient that makes your services that much better than everyone else’s. In Kung Fu Panda, there’s a scene where Po makes the “secret ingredient soup” that his ‘father’ makes in his […]

Starting a Movement the Steve Jobs Way

If you want to be successful, there’s no better way than learning from others who were successful. And when it comes to successful people in recent years, Steve Jobs ranks pretty far up there. I mean, how many others in his generation took a friendship with a computer nerd and an idea and proceeded to […]